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We founded Coughlin's Auction House on the premise of helping others. Our main focus is 100% client and customer satisfaction. We want to help people, plain and simple. Most people who are in need of our services are dealing with loved ones passing away, moving, or downsizing. All of these situations can be very stressful. We take the stress out of selling your belongings. We are the one stop shop auction house. We can help you sell your fine art and your general household items. We are experts at getting you top dollar for both.

Why Choose Coughlin's

Full Transparency.

When you hire Coughlin's you will receive a detailed list of your items that sold at auction and for what price. You can also monitor your items that are up for auction live online.

No Hidden Fees.

There are no hidden fees with us. Our pricing is consistent and straight forward. A member of our staff will go over our contract and pricing with you before you consign your items for auction and we are available for any questions you may have along the way. 

21 Years of Experience.

We are the leading auction experts in Michigan. 

Bidder Base.

Our large established bidder base helps our client's items sell for top dollar. 


We have an in house marketing team dedicated to making each auction a success. 


We carry a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy. Your valuable items are safe and secure with us. 

Our Staff.

Each member of our staff is genuinely excited about what we do. We have an excellent team who are dedicated to helping our customers and will handle your items with care. 

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