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Real Estate

 Real Estate Auctions

Do you have real estate to auction?

We understand in a time of moving, downsizing, or when there has been a death in the family the last thing you need is additional stress that comes with selling your house. We make the process as smooth as possible and making sure you get top dollar for your house.  Hiring Coughlin's to manage your real estate auction is one of the the best options for you and your home. 


4 major benefits to holding an estate auction are:


1. It costs you absolutely nothing. You save the normal 6% real estate agent commission. We get paid by the buyer.

2. It is the only way for your house to sell above market value. Auctions create competition and you benefit.

3. You will be under contact to sell your house before most homes are even placed on the MLS. Quick and easy process.

4. You do not need to worry about repairs or issues with your house. Houses sell at auction, no matter the condition.

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