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 Estate Sales

Unsure about how to sell an entire estate?

Coughlin's is metro Detroit's #1 estate sale and auction Company. We understand in a time of moving, downsizing, or when there has been a death in the family the last thing you need is additional stress that comes with selling the belongings you no longer want or need. We make the process as smooth as possible and making you as much money in the process as possible.  Hiring Coughlin's to manage an estate sale is one of the best option for you and your belongings.  


4 major advantages of Coughlin's holding an estate sale is:


1. With over 20 years of experience pricing estates and appraising fine art, we are metro Detroit's experts at helping you earn top dollar for your items. 

2. Hands-on owners making sure everything is done perfectly and professionally.

3. Vast email database list of buyers who attend Coughlin's estate sales. 

4. We are the only estate sale company in metro Detroit who offers auction services as well. This means we do not need to do deep discounts on your items. We can take them back to our auction house and sell for you. This makes sure you get top dollar for your belongings.  

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